Wireless accessories* to boost your Phonak hearing aids

In combination with your Brio 4 hearing aids, Phonak wireless accessories* connect you to the world around you, providing comfort and boosting performance – whether on the phone, listening to TV, music or multimedia or in a noisy environment.

TV Connector Easy Line

(Item 1266799)

  • Enables direct media streaming to both of your hearing instruments
  • Dolby compatible, plug-and-play TV and media streaming

PartnerMic Easy Line

(Item 1427639)

  • Worn by your conversation partner to stream their voice directly to your hearing instruments

Remote Control Easy Line

(Item 1427638)

  • Simple remote for volume or program adjustments

myPhonak app



  • Remote Control: Adjust and control the volume of your hearing aids and adapt to your environment with customized programs on your smartphone
  • My Hearing Aids: Get more information about your hearing aids' personalized programs and statistics

*Sold separately